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About ERC File and Fund

About Us2023-03-31T15:46:58-06:00

ERC File and Fund is a financial services company that offers ERC filing service, ERC review for rejected filings, and an accelerator program that allows customers to access cash within three business days. The company was founded in Lake Forrest, North Carolina, but serves the entire USA and all US territories.

Our mission is to maximize the potential ERC tax credit for small and medium-sized businesses as expeditiously as possible. We understand that, since COVID, every dollar counts. That’s why we offer a range of services designed to help you get the most out of the ERC program to which you are legally entitled.

We have created a program where you can receive cash three days after filing an ERC to ensure that any business can receive a needed cash injection from their ERC.

We are committed to small and medium-sized businesses receiving all the support they are entitled to.

Any Questions?

What is an Employee Retention Credit filing service, and why do I need it?2023-03-01T21:16:51-06:00

An Employee Retention Credit (ERC) filing service is a service that assists businesses in claiming the ERC, a tax credit offered by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to keep employees on their payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic. At ERC FIle and Fund, we can help you determine if your business is eligible for the credit and assist in preparing and submitting the necessary documentation to claim it.


What types of Employee Retention Credit filings do you offer?2023-03-01T21:22:54-06:00

We provide the following:

  • Determining whether a business is eligible for the ERC
  • Calculation of the amount of ERC the business can claim
  • Preparation and filing of Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, and any other necessary forms or documents to claim the ERC
  • Assistance with responding to any inquiries from the IRS related to the ERC
Do you provide support if my business is audited by the IRS?2023-03-01T21:43:36-06:00

We will provide full support in the case of an audit regarding the Employee Retention Credit at no additional cost.

What are the fees for your Employee Retention Credit filing services?2023-03-01T21:52:05-06:00

We charge a flat rate of $969 to file your employee retention credit.  However, this fee is refundable if you choose to enroll and are accepted into our accelerator program, which will deposit 70% of your employee retention credit into your company’s account within two business days after filing.

How long does the Employee Retention Credit filing process take?2023-03-01T21:51:01-06:00

The time it takes to complete the ERC filing process may vary depending on the complexity of the business’s situation and the provider’s workload. Preparing and filing the necessary documentation typically takes a few weeks for most services.   However, we can complete the process in two weeks.

Can you assist me with preparing the necessary documentation for Employee Retention Credit filing?2023-03-01T21:54:07-06:00

Yes, ERC File and Fund specializes in assisting businesses in preparing the necessary documentation to claim the ERC. We can also provide guidance on what documentation is needed.

What are the common mistakes people make while filing for Employee Retention Credit, and how can I avoid them?2023-03-01T21:57:02-06:00

Common mistakes when filing for the ERC include claiming ineligible wages or claiming the ERC for ineligible employees. To avoid these mistakes, it’s important to understand the ERC eligibility requirements clearly and to work with a reputable ERC filing service that can assist with the process.

Is it possible to amend an Employee Retention Credit filing after submission?2023-03-01T21:58:49-06:00

Yes, it’s possible to amend an ERC filing after submission if there are errors or omissions. We can help businesses file Form 941-X to amend their ERC claim.

What happens if my Employee Retention Credit filing is rejected?2023-03-01T22:00:27-06:00

If your ERC filing is rejected, you will receive a notice from the IRS explaining the reason for the rejection. ERC File and Fund will work with you to address any issues and resubmit the claim if possible.

Can you provide assistance with responding to Employee Retention Credit-related inquiries from regulatory authorities?2023-03-01T22:02:46-06:00

Yes, ERC File and Fund will assist your business with responding to any inquiries related to the ERC from regulatory authorities such as the IRS.

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