Do you want to offer your clients ERC filing services but do not know where to begin?

We are seeking reputable accounting and or law firms that are willing to refer their clients to us so that we can offer our ERC filing services.  Why should you refer clients to us?

  • We are a reliable partner that respects the trust that you have built with your clients.  We want to offer them the same level of service and will guide them through the entire ERC process, even providing support if your client is audited.

  • We directly communicate with your clients, including document collection, calculating the ERC, and providing copies of all forms and documents submitted to the IRS.

  • We offer competitive commissions to our trusted partners, allowing you to grow a new revenue stream using your existing clients.  No investment is needed on your end.

  • We provide quality content on request to cultivate the interest of your clients.  Further, we offer an upsell that can provide you with more comission, our accelerator program, which allows your client to get their money in days rather than months.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please fill in the form below, and we reach out to you soon.